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Playoff Eligible

Playoff Eligible - 2016

The WIAA football playoff qualification process can be a bit confusing at times, and this report attempts to simplify where teams stand each week of the season.

Teams that have a conference winning percentage better than .500 are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. Teams that finish with a conference record of exactly .500 are playoff eligible, but not guaranteed a spot. However, in recent years, every team that finished .500 has made the playoffs, along with several that were under .500.
It is important to note that being "Playoff Eligible" does not mean the team is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs, just that they have met the minimum requirement to qualify. Also, teams not on these lists may still qualify for the playoffs, but will need to win multiple league games.
This Playoff Qualifying Report lists those teams that have clinched a playoff spot, those that have become playoff eligible, those that can clinch a spot with one more win, and those that can become playoff eligible with one more win.
The Playoff Qualifying Report will be updated each week for the rest of the regular season.

To view how many CONFERENCE games your favorite team will need to win to become playoff eligible and/or click a playoff spot, please see the list by conference here.
To view the full WIAA playoff qualifying procedures, click here.
To view Standings for all conferences on one page, please click here.
To view Enrollment numbers and a projected divisional placement for each team for the 2016 season, please click here.
You can sort by the different columns (School, Enrollment, Projected Division, Conference) by clicking on the heading on each particular table.

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