Friday Night Football Show

The popular two-hour radio show talks prep football on Friday night from Milwaukee and Madison to all major radio markets in Wisconsin in the fall. The show streams on, and fans, coaches, and athletes report scores and big plays from around the state, with on-site announcers at many big games being patched into conversation throughout the show. Big upsets, rising talent, and the pulse of Wisconsin football excitement from our smallest rural farm towns to the Milwaukee metro.

Wisconsin Sports Minute

Cover all your radio sports bases in one effort, with the year-round Wisconsin Sports Minute. Broadcasted in every corner of the state (24 stations), the Wisconsin Sports Minute is a fantastic history nugget on this day in Wisconsin sports -- from Brewers, Badgers, Packers, and Bucks to Olympic moments and high school highlights for the record books; the WSM has something for every sports fan. (Heavy adult male demographic.)
Housed on -- the state's leading prep resource -- we can build out this subsite area for ongoing brand engagement to include social media plugins and even sports trivia or listener/viewer poll questions, (Heavy parent demographic).

Listen and see the station list:

  • History nugget on this day in Wisconsin Sports
  • Airs one or more times daily on 24 stations
  • Posted on – site serving 35 million+ pages annually
  • Stations report airing up to five times a day
  • NEW – Milwaukee station recently added!
  • Includes over 10,000 spots per year


The feature is a nugget on this day in Wisconsin sports history, featuring Bucks, Brewers, Badgers, Packers, and more. The formats of the respective stations run the gambit with a heavier emphasis on sports stations with some representation on rock, pop, oldies, and mix stations as well.

The feature can be packaged to include front-page positioning on and a subsite area build-out that can include everything from social media plugins to Wisconsin Sports Trivia polls.


  • Great time slots during popular morning talk shows.
  • Stations contracted to run 1-2 x daily, w/ stations reporting up to five times per day.
  • Estimate of spots running daily: 40-50
  • Additional feature exposure on the front page of; 4-5 million per year included (depending on the packaging)
  • Only all-encompassing pro/amateur sports feature that runs the full year.
  • Map circles show 1-3 broadcasting stations each, with the lightest circles showing one broadcasting station, medium 2, and darkest 3. (A few additional stations have been added since this map was created.)