In addition to working with us to target parents, teens and coaches on, we also can connect advertisers to similar sites and audiences in other markets or allow them to target a sports vertical (many basketball sites as an example).

We power large prep content sites as well as many youth sports organizational sites with a strong fortification of content here in the Midwest and the largest hockey vertical on the continent.

Some of our largest prep content sites include the Prep Baseball Report, Chicago Sun Times' Highschoolcube, Minnesota's Northstar Football News and Northstar Hoops Report, the Michigan Hockey Hub and to the south Coach T. 

Youth sports organizational sites abound from area soccer leagues to broader scale youth content sites like the Youth Hockey Hub. These sites allow advertisers to target many sports orgs close to their brick and mortar location with one easy placement.

Targeting can include by sport, by dates, by device, daypart, internet connection and more. 

Want to reach parents? Both prep and youth sites deliver, with prep focused content delivering a typically affluent, established parent; and youth sports sites connecting with a slightly younger parent demo.