Beyond WSN, you have the opportunity to target high school sports parents, athletes, and fans across the country through rSchoolToday and its SportsHub Network.

As the software platform that powers the online home for 9,000 high school athletic departments, a hyper-local campaign at a national scale through rSchoolToday can help you expand your reach wherever your next customer may be. Opportunities include:

Display Banners - Featuring your brand in high-impact placements like the top of the website, sidebar, schedule page, and inside photo galleries, and often includes exclusivity in your business category. 

Offsite Retargeting - Helping your brand reach new customers across the web after they’ve left the high school’s athletics website.

Native Articles and Sponsored Content - Welcoming your brand as a sponsor on a school’s official newsfeed and social media channels, or promote a product, service, or promotion you offer.

Video Advertising - Spotlight your brand alongside game highlights and top plays, including pre, mid, and post-roll locations.

Custom creative executions - Highly engaging custom opportunities for your brand including Athlete of the Month voting, Sports Medicine Library content, and more.

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