Home Team Sponsorship Information

Premium Campaigns

*Surround the home team content - with top leaderboard and half page side banner (see Frontier Communications example)

*Exclusivity - box out other industry competition. Only three sponsors accepted pre school (one of three page delivery on premium campaigns.)

*Full year -- sponsor home team coverage of all nine sports (football, baseball, softball and girls and boys basketball, soccer & volleyball).

*Unlimited exposure - in front of parents, athletes and coaches all year!

*Customization - Target multiple schools and customize your art by school with local professionals, branch information, support messaging, etc.

*Analytics - each body of high school content delivers impressive traffic typically ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 pageviews per school annually. We share reporting of impressions delivered and click throughs with all campaigns.

Business Card Campaigns

For the sponsor on a budget, who wants to see their advertisement 365/24/7 across the home team coverage, this is the perfect program.  (See the WSN Extra and Sport Ngin Tourney Tool 300x125 ads bottom right as example.)


In a nutshell, coaches, athletes and parents use our site. 


Our largest demographic are the parents of teens, often falling into the "mass affluent" category, these are typically established parents ages 35-55, college educated, home owners actively involved in their kids' lives.


Our teen athlete tends to be tech savvy, involved in competitive sports and is regularly purchasing sports gear, electronics; is making major decisions on next step for the future and is often seeking a first car.


Coaches - with prep level content, WisSports.net reaches nearly everyone involved in prep sports leadership, with college coaches actively engaged in content for recruiting purposes and youth coaches interested to see how their former players are doing or with an eye to their kids' eventual feeder team.


The fanbase includes a young athletes entire entourage from the band members who pipe music into every game to aunts, uncles & grandparents. In addition to the fans of current athletes many adults were former high school stand outs in a sport will continue to follow home team coverage or their sport in general on the site. During sub-sectional, playoff and state tourney time the fan base expands to include entire home town communities showing their support.