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WIAA Girls Basketball 3-Point Challenge Final Leaderboard

02/08/2021, 7:30pm CST
By Norbert Durst

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association has announced that due to the changes in the tournament structure, they will not sponsor a 3-Point Challenge as part of the Girls Basketball State Tournament. However, WSN will continue to produce a weekly leaderboard during the regular season in order to recognize the outstanding shooters in the state.

The leaderboard is based on three-point shooting numbers in the stats database. Coaches must enter the player information on in order for the players to be eligible.

Please take note of an important but slight change in the submission rules as recommended by the WIAA Coaches Advisory Committee and approved by the WIAA Board of Control. Stats will again be based on the information entered into the database. However, there will be several “checkpoints” when coaches will be required to have stats updated in order for a player to be eligible at the end of the season. Those “checkpoints” are December 20th, January 20th, and the end of the regular season (Feb. 8 for girls, Feb. 15 for boys).

It is extremely important that you have shooting stats for ALL games for players updated prior to each checkpoint date. Most coaches find it easiest to enter stats shortly after games and keep on top of things throughout the year.

Below is the final leaderboard for each division (minimum 75 three-point attempts). Players who had missing 3-point shooting information, even for one game, were not included in this update. To be included on the weekly Leaderboard update, all game stats must be in by 8 am on Monday morning each week. 

Coaches must enter shooting stats for ALL games for a player by noon on the Monday of Regional playoff games (Feb. 8 for girls, Feb. 15 for boys) to be considered for the final 3-Point Challenge. 

Coaches, if you need information or assistance on entering your team/player stats on, please contact us at


Min. 75 Attempts

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