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Bug Tussel Wireless Triple Threat Athlete of the Week: Bridee Burks, Lancaster

09/23/2021, 12:15pm CDT
By Norbert Durst

The Bug Tussel Wireless Triple Threat Athlete of the Week is an honor given on to the top senior boys and girls three-sport athletes in the state. Players are recognized each week on WSN, with the a boys and girls winner of the Pat Richter Award at the end of the season to the best three-sport athlete of the year.

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Name: Bridee Burks
School: Lancaster High School 
Year: Senior 

Cross Country Honors: Four-year varsity runner for coach Taylor Reynolds and the Flying Arrows... second runner on the 2018 Division 3 state championship team... 2019 SWC Individual Champion... finished 11th at the state meet in 2019... first runner on the 2020 Division 3 state champion team... 

Basketball Honors: Enters her senior year as a three-year varsity performer for the Flying Arrows... coached by Mark Uppena... second-team all-SWC selection as a sophomore and junior... the 5-foot-10 guard averaged 10.9 points, 5.9 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and 2.3 steals per game as a junior for the 17-7 Flying Arrows... committed to NCAA Division I Idaho State... 

Track & Field Honors: Enters her senior year as a three-year varsity performer for the Flying Arrows... coached by Kyle Stiklestad... 2019 state qualifier in 4x200 and 4x800... 2021 Division 3 state champion in 4x200, third-place in 4x800, fifth-place in 4x400, and state qualifier in the triple jump... 

Favorite Sport (and why): "Basketball, I have always loved the game. Growing up it has always been something that I love to work at and get better on. I find the challenges of defending someone and reaching goals to be especially rewarding in basketball. I have also found it something that I really bond with my dad on. He has been coaching me ever since I was little. He is someone who really makes me want to get better and reach my goals." 

Best Part of High School Sports (and why): "Finding a true group of friends. In every sport I have participated in, we all have the same motivations, and as I surrounded myself with people who have similar intentions I could lean on them for support and comfort. Which is a large part of why our teams are so successful." 

Best Advice from a High School Coach: "Mr. Reynols, my cross country coach. He always says 'it does not have to be your best day, but it has to be your very best effort'. When you give your best effort the times, and results will fall where they fall. Controlling what you can which is your attitude and effort has been a key element for me in every sport I do. If I control my effort the results will fall where I wish."  

Most Memorable Moment in High School Sports: "Winning state Cross Country in 2020 and state 4x200 in 2021. State Cross Country last year because it was so close and we really did not think we won, but we all gave our best effort and the results fell where we wanted. State 4x200 2021 because I got to win it with my little sister and hugging her at the finish line will be something I will never forget." 

Best Part of Playing Three Sports: "The best part of playing three sports in high school would be always having people to lean on. The support system of all the coaches in each sport is really amazing because they all want the best for you as an athlete and as a person. No matter if it is a personal issue or an issue while competing they can all tell when something is wrong. Building that trust with them over the years of playing three sports was really important to me." 

Toughest Part of Playing Three Sports: "The only tough part of playing three sports would definitely be free time. Like all things though, if you want to be great is requires sacrifice. But while in high school I have realized that the people who understand your goals will realize that you are motivated and that requires sacrifice. If you use your time wisely you can have lots of free time to have fun you just have to keep your habits in line with your end goal." 

Favorite Opponent (and why): "My favorite opponent in cross country and track would be Boscobel. They are always tough competition and we are always motivated to compete against them. In basketball, my favorite opponent is Prairie du Chien, they are always a great team and I think it is always fun to play as hard as we can against them."  

Favorite Professional Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Favorite Professional Athlete: Steph Curry

Favorite College Team: Idaho State 

Cumulative GPA: 3.6 

Toughest Individual You’ve Competed Against (and why): "Lily Krahn (Prairie du Chien). She is a great athlete, especially on the basketball court. I have always taken it as a challenge to play her." 

Most Admired High School Teammate (and why): "Lydia Murphy. She was a senior when I was a freshman and was always such a great teammate and friend. Lydia was an amazing athlete and I definitely admired how competitive she was." 

College Plans: "I plan to attend Idaho State University to continue my education and basketball career. I will be majoring in Communications there." 

Activities Outside of Sports: "I compete in rodeo as well. I consider it a sport because It takes as much practice and responsibility as any other sport. I am a 3-time national qualifier and 3-time state champion in two events. Rodeo is definitely a big part of my life and has made me a better athlete in all three of my other sports." 

I Find it Relaxing to: Read

Favorite TV Show: Greys anatomy 

Favorite Movie: Dear John

Favorite Musical Artist: Morgan Wallen

Favorite Subject: English

Favorite Restaurant: Chipotle

Favorite Website: Netflix 

Other Family Members: Sara (mom), Jacob (dad), Lainee (little sister)

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