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Basketball Coaches: Information on updating stats on

11/21/2022, 8:15am CST
By Norbert Durst

Please Send a Copy of Your Roster


We would like to request a copy of your varsity boys or girls basketball roster at your earliest convenience if you have not sent it to us or updated it directly on the site already.

Please send your rosters to When sending your roster, please be sure to include the team name and your sport to help our staff that will be handling the entry. 

Entering Team Info on WSN

Please Note: If you haven't been given access to your team page by WSN, please email to get access. Head coaches can designate an assistant coach or stats person to update info, but the head coach will need to contact us (and CC the assistant) to verify that someone else should have access to their team.

‚ÄčOnce you have access to your team page, follow the instructions below.

Other important items: 

  • You will only see the "light switch" to edit on your team page. 
  • Do not select "does not affect standings" when adding games. "Affects League Standings Only" means the game is non-conference. 
  • Enter the score by half for both teams or it will change the score to 0's for the team that doesn't have it entered. 
  • When recording field goal numbers, FGA and FGM should include ALL 2-point AND 3-Pointers. 3PA and 3PM are only three-pointers.

Full Instructions for Editing on WSN 

You now control your team's information by logging in and going to your team page on WisSports. Once there you should see a yellow and grey "light switch" on the right-hand side of your browser window. If you click this switch the page will go into "edit mode". Once in edit mode you can add/edit your roster, edit your schedule, submit game stats, and more. To edit the schedule go to the schedule tab along the top, to edit the roster go to the roster tab, and so on.

Entering stats is done most efficiently through the Mass Score system. While logged in and in Edit Mode, go to your Game Schedule. You will see a yellow bar with a "gear" icon. Click on that and then select Mass Score. A new tab will load in your browser window, which may take a few seconds to load fully. Once it loads you will see your schedule, with an Edit Stats button next to each game. Clicking on that will allow you to select your team and add player stats pretty quickly. You can also go to your regular team schedule and click on either "Scheduled" or "Final" next to the listing. On the next screen, you can Edit Game Details (location, etc.) and there is also a big button for Edit Stats.

Please note, you must enter the half scores for both teams. If you do not, the system reads the blanks as 0's and changes the game scores to 0's. Make sure to change the game to final if it isn't as final before adding stats or it won't update the game information. 

For further information and answers to commonly asked questions, please visit our Coach FAQ page here:

If you have forgotten your login, there is a "Forgot Your Password?" option on the login page. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Numerous college coaches use our site to gather info on players, media outlets use it to develop story ideas, and it is a great outlet for parents, family, and fans. Remember that all WBCA All-State nominations & selections are based on the stats information you enter into our system. Help get your teams and players the positive recognition and exposure they deserve.

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