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The Fastpitch Bulletin, Volume 16 Number 20 - May 21st, 2016

05/21/2016, 10:15pm CDT
By Bob Tomlinson

Oh What a day for a ball game of what a beautiful day!

Hello Fastpitch Followers,

The third annual Poynette Fastpitch Organization Spring Jamboree for 10-U and 12-U players is now called the Howie Wiese Memorial Jamboree in honor of one of the community’s pillar in the fastpitch world – Howie Wiese.

Twenty –two teams in all traveled to Poynette today to play fastpitch softball at Diamonds of Champions at Pauquette Park. The action fantastic as the young players honed their skills and had a great time.

During the event today the Poynette Fastpitch Organization along with Howie Wiese’s family presented the first-ever Howie Wiese Memorial Scholarship to a pair of Poynette High School fastpitch players who have also been a part of the PFO since it’s inception. Those players are Riley Barnharst and Allie Bredeson. Both will attend college next school year with Riley attending UW-Madison while Allie will become an Eagle at Uw-LaCrosse.

The tournament was well attended and will conclude tomorrow.

Here are few items that are worth mentioning from the past couple of weeks. Dale Buvid of Monroe surpassed the 500 win milepost with a win over Brodhead recently. Jim Kvisto of Hurley led the Midgets to yet another conference championship up in the Indianhead Conference. The title marks the 20th time that the Midgets have won a conference crown. Jim moves into second place on the all time conference title list.

New London clinched it's 5th overall Bay Conference Championship with 5-inning 12-0 Win over West De Pere. Highlights include Junior Leah Porath with 2 Homeruns and 4 RBI's. The first was a 3 run shot which went over 250 ft and not sure if it landed yet. (we have a portable fence at 200 ft and the original outfield fence at 250 ft and a woods behind it, couldn't find the ball after the game) Senior Molly O'Connell also had a home run and pitched all 5 innings scattering 2 hits.

Columbus sealed a Capitol North Division title during the past week with some key wins.

I get reports from people across the state nearly every day that surround plays and scenarios that take place. Here are few from the past couple of weeks. A player batting lefty switched to the right side and the umpire called her out immediately for switching sides. A coach high-fived a home run hitter and the run was nullified for “assisting a runner.”  A catcher was told that she can not stand and put her foot on the white boundary line of the catcher’s box with her outside hand held beyond that box when attempting to intentionally walking a batter. She was told that she must be in a crouching position.  An umpire told a coach that there is no such rule in the book about a ball rotation when actually Rule 6, Section 5 is Headlined as BALL ROTATION and has two articles. A pitcher received a new ball out of the umpire’s bag after a Demarini CF7 cut one of the game balls. That pitcher immediately bent over and rubbed and scratched the ball in the infield dirt. The umpire called an illegal pitch and the player’s coach said, “There is no such rule prohibiting her from doing that!” Upon beginning to pitch to a batter a pitcher who swings her pitching arm back out of her glove lost control of the ball which rolled out toward second base. There was a runner at second who knew the rule and stole third only to be sent back to third by the umpires due to it being ruled a dead ball in that case. With no runner aboard on a 2-2 count the pitcher threw a pitch that the catcher thought to be a strike. The catcher threw the ballt to the third sacker who threw it to the second sacker to get the around the horn thing going. The umpire told them it had been a ball but did not rule that the illegal act of throwing the ball to the third sacker with no runner’s aboard was actually supposed to be ball four. A batter completed a turn at bat without having been reported, thus an unreported substitute. The coach of the defensive team waited until the at bat was completed then appealed to the plate ump that an illegal substitute had been used and the batter should be called out and ejected. An umpire told a JV coach that if a defensive player has one foot in fair territory and one foot in foul territory and then a line drive hits her glove while the ball was in fair territory that it is a foul ball based upon the position of her feet and that the position of the ball when touch matters not. A coach attends the pre-game conference wearing blue jeans. The umpire tells the coach that she is restricted to the dugout for illegal attire. The coach told the umpire that befor the plate ump says “play ball” that she would be pulling on a pair of nylon pants in her school colors. The ump claims she is still restricted to the bench area. She found the rule in her rulesbook before the game actually started and pointedit out to the umpire. She was allowed to use the coaches box.

Have a great weekend and

Thanks to all those who sent me congratulatory emails the past few days. You are the best!

Keep it Rising!