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10/20/2016, 2:15pm CDT
By Travis Wilson

The Prediction Panel:

Travis Wilson, WSN General Manager & Football Writer
Norbert Durst, WSN Content Manager
Dan Barwick, WSN Contributor
Max Ethridge, WSN Contributor
Colton Wilson, WSN Contributor
Adam Eichstedt, Football Friday Night powered by WSN
Dennis Semrau, Prep Mania
J.R. Radcliffe, Lake Country/NOW Newspapers
Jimmie Kaska, WTSO in Madison
Tom Demmin, WRDB in Reedsburg
Chad Michaels, WDOR in Sturgeon Bay
Mark Daniels, WNFL in Green Bay
Greg Bender, WQPC in Prairie du Chien
Spencer Wagen, KFIZ in Fond du Lac
Brett Ketterman, WFAW in Fort Atkinson
Brad Williams, WTCH in Shawano
Doug Rogers, WJMQ in Clintonville
Tony Bettack, WOWN in Shawano
Justin Hull, WSCO in Appleton

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Each person picked the title game and winner plus the other semi-finalists in each division.

Division 1

Wilson: Kimberly over Franklin, Bay Port, Sun Prairie
Durst: Kimberly over Franklin; Hudson, Sun Prairie 
Barwick: Kimberly over Franklin; Bay Port, Badger
Ethridge: Kimberly over Sun Prairie; Bay Port, Marquette
C. Wilson: Kimberly over Verona; Stevens Point, Franklin
Eichstedt: Kimberly over Franklin; Bay Port, Sun Prairie
Semrau: Kimberly over Sun Prairie; Stevens Point, Franklin
Radcliffe: Kimberly over Sun Prairie; Stevens Point, Marquette
Kaska:  Kimberly over Franklin; Bay Port, Oconomowoc
Demmin: Middleton over Kimberly; Franklin, Bay Port
Michaels: Kimberly over Verona; Stevens Point, Franklin
Daniels: Kimberly over Sun Prairie; Bay Port, Marquette
Bender: Bay Port over Badger; Kimberly, Franklin
Wagen: Kimberly over Franklin; Bay Port, Sun Prairie
Ketterman: Sun Prairie over Kimberly; Bay Port, Franklin
Williams: Kimberly over Sun Prairie; Bay Port, Franklin
Rogers: Kimberly over Sun Prairie; Bay Port, Franklin
Bettack: Kimberly over Franklin; Bay Port, Verona
Hull: Kimberly over Franklin; Stevens Point, Sun Prairie

Division 2

Wilson: Waunakee over Menasha; Menomonie, Homestead
Durst: Homestead over Brookfield Central; Menomonie, Waunakee
Barwick: Homestead over Menasha; Waunakee, Menomonie
Ethridge: Waunakee over Menomonie; Homestead, Menasha
C. Wilson: Waunakee over Menasha; Menomonie, Homestead
Eichstedt: Menasha over Homestead; Waunakee, Superior
Semrau: Waunakee over Menasha; Menomonie, Homestead
Radcliffe: Menasha over Waunakee; Menomonie, Homestead
Kaska: Homestead over Menasha; Menomonie, Waunakee
Demmin: Waunakee over Superior; Homestead, Brookfield Central
Michaels: Homestead over Menasha; Menomonie, Waunakee
Daniels: Brookfield Central over Waunakee; Homestead, Menomonie
Bender: Homestead over Menomonie; Menasha, Waunakee
Wagen: Homestead over Menomonie; Waunakee, Brookfield Central
Ketterman: Waunakee over Brookfield Central; Menomonee, Whitefish Bay
Williams: Homestead over Menasha; Menomonie, Waunakee
Rogers: Homestead over Menomonie; Menasha, Waunakee
Bettack: Menasha over Waunakee; Menomonie over Waunakee
Hull: Waunakee over Menasha; Menomonie, Homestead

Division 3

Wilson: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Rice Lake, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Durst: Catholic Memorial oer Notre Dame; Mount Horeb/Barneveld, New Richmond
Barwick: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Mount Horeb/Barneveld, Rice Lake
Ethridge: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Mount Horeb, Onalaska
C. Wilson: Catholic Memorial over West De Pere; Pewaukee, Onalaska
Eichstedt: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Onalaska, Pewaukee
Semrau: Notre Dame over Mount Horeb/Barneveld; Rice Lake, Catholic Memorial
Radcliffe: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Monroe, Rice Lake
Kaska: Notre Dame over Catholic Memorial; Rice Lake, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Demmin: Reedsburg over Rice Lake; Luxemburg-Casco, Kewaskum
Michaels: Notre Dame over Catholic Memorial; Rice Lake, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Daniels: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Onalaska, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Bender: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Onalaska, Monroe
Wagen: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Rice Lake, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Ketterman: Catholic Memorial over Notre Dame; Rice Lake, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Williams: Catholic Memorial over West De Pere; Onalaska, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Rogers: Notre Dame over Catholic Memorial; Onalaska, Monroe
Bettack: Luxemburg-Casco over Catholic Memorial; Rice Lake, Mount Horeb/Barneveld
Hull: Catholic Memorial over Rice Lake; Monroe, Luxemburg-Casco

Division 4

Wilson: Osceola over Sheboygan Falls; Berlin, Platteville
Durst: Osceola over Sheboygan Falls; Little Chute, River Valley 
Barwick: Osceola over Sheboygan Falls; Little Chute, Lake Mills
Ethridge: Osceola over Sheboygan Falls; Little Chute, Platteville
C. Wilson: G-E-T over Sheboygan Falls; Berlin, River Valley
Eichstedt: Sheboygan Falls over Little Chute; G-E-T, Platteville
Semrau: Osceola over Two Rivers; Berlin, River Valley
Radcliffe: G-E-T over Sheboygan Falls; Platteville, Little Chute
Kaska:  Osceola over Sheboygan Falls; Adams-Friendship, Platteville
Demmin: Mauston over Little Chute; Sheboygan Falls, Osceola
Michaels: Osceola over Platteville; Sheboygan Falls, Little Chute
Daniels: Sheboygan Falls over Osceola; Platteville, Little Chute
Bender: Osceola over Sheboygan Falls; Berlin, River Valley
Wagen: Osceola over Sheboygan Falls; River Valley, Little Chute
Ketterman: Sheboygan Falls over Osceola; Berlin, River Valley
Williams: Sheboygan Falls over Osceola; Little Chute, Lodi
Rogers: G-E-T over Sheboygan Falls; Little Chute, River Valley
Bettack: Osceola over River Valley; Little Chute, Two Rivers
Hull: Osceola over River Valley; Berlin, Two Rivers

Division 5

Wilson: Columbus over Amherst; Stanley-Boyd, Clinton
Durst: Columbus over Amherst; Lancaster, Stanley-Boyd
Barwick: Columbus over Amherst; Clinton, Stanley-Boyd
Ethridge: Columbus over Amherst; Lancaster, Stanley-Boyd
C. Wilson: Columbus over Amherst; Stratford, Lancaster
Eichstedt: Columbus over Amherst; Lancaster, Stanley-Boyd
Semrau: Columbus over Amherst; Stanley-Boyd, Lancaster
Radcliffe: Columbus over Amherst; Clinton, Stanley-Boyd
Kaska: Amherst over Columbus; Lancaster, Stanley-Boyd
Demmin: Lancaster over Southern Door; Durand, Cedar Grove-Belgium
Michaels: Columbus over Amherst; Stanley Boyd, Lancaster
Daniels: Lancaster over Amherst; Cedar Grove-Belgium, Stanley-Boyd
Bender: Amherst over Clinton; Durand, Columbus
Wagen: Amherst over Columbus; Clinton, Stanley-Boyd
Ketterman: Columbus over Stanley-Boyd; Southern Door, Clinton
Williams: Lancaster over Amherst; Stanley-Boyd, Cedar Grove-Belgium
Rogers: Amherst over Lancaster; Stanley-Boyd, Columbus
Bettack: Stanley-Boyd over Clinton; Amherst, Columbus
Hull: Lancaster over Stanley-Boyd; Amherst, Columbus

Division 6

Wilson: Darlington over Regis; Coleman, Saint Mary's Springs
Durst: Darlington over Regis; Saint Mary's Springs; Chetek-Weyerhaeuser 
Barwick: Saint Mary's Springs over Regis; Darlington, Marathon
Ethridge: Darlington over Regis; Saint Mary's Springs, Coleman
C. Wilson: Darlington over Regis; St. Mary's Springs, Marathon
Eichstedt: Darlington over Abbotsford; Saint Mary's Springs, Chetek-Weyerhauser
Semrau: Darlington over Regis; Coleman, Saint Mary's Springs 
Radcliffe: Darlington over Coleman; Saint Mary's Springs, Regis
Kaska: Saint Mary’s Springs over Regis; Darlington, Marathon
Demmin: Darlington over Coleman; Ozaukee, Grantsburg
Michaels: Darlington over Regis; Saint Mary’s Springs, Abbotsford
Daniels: Saint Mary's Springs over Regis; Abbotsford, Darlington
Bender: Darlington over Regis; Saint Mary's Springs, Coleman
Wagen: Saint Mary's Springs over Grantsburg; Coleman, Darlington
Ketterman: Regis over Darlington; Coleman, Saint Mary’s Springs
Williams: Darlington over Regis; Coleman, Saint Mary's Springs
Rogers: Saint Mary's Springs over Regis; Coleman, Darlington
​​​​​​​Bettack: Coleman over Saint Mary's Springs; Regis, Darlington
Hull: Saint Mary's Springs over Coleman; Darlington, Regis

Division 7

Wilson: Edgar over Hilbert/Stockbridge; Bangor, Iowa-Grant
Durst: Edgar over Hilbert/Stockbridge; Bangor, Ithaca 
Barwick: Edgar over Hilbert/Stockbridge; Bangor, Shullsburg
Ethridge: Bangor over Hilbert/Stockbridge; Loyal, Ithaca
C. Wilson: Bangor over Ithaca; Almond-Bancroft, Lourdes Academy
Eichstedt: Bangor over Ithaca; Cambria-Friesland, Loyal
Semrau: Bangor over Ithaca; Wild Rose, Lourdes Academy
Radcliffe: Bangor over Ithaca; Wild Rose, Cambria-Friesland
Kaska: Bangor over Ithaca; Loyal, Hillbert/Stockbridge
Demmin: Ithaca over Bangor; Royall, Loyal
Michaels: Bangor over Ithaca; Edgar, Hilbert
Daniels: Ithaca over Bangor; Loyal, Lourdes Academy
Bender: Shullsburg over Pepin/Alma; Hilbert/Stockbridge, Loyal
Wagen: Bangor over Ithaca; Loyal, Cambria-Friesland
Ketterman: Wild Rose over Ithaca; Bangor, Cambria/Friesland
Williams: Hilbert/Stockbridge over Bangor; Edgar, Ithaca
Rogers: Hilbert/Stockbridge over Bangor; Wild Rose, Ithaca
​​​​​​​Bettack: Hilbert/Stockbridge over Bangor; Loyal, Shullsburg
Hull: Hilbert/Stockbridge over Bangor; Loyal, Shullsburg

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