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Frontier Communications Mascot Challenge

The Frontier Communications Mascot Challenge will allow you, the fans, to decide which one is the best.

Over the coming months, voting will take place on, as the best nicknames and mascots will be placed in a 64 team bracket, going head to head each week to determine who advances.

Not only will the winner of the Mascot Challenge get to bask in the glow of having the best mascot in the state, their school will receive a $1,000 scholarship award towards your athletic department or general scholarship fund!

For the first round of voting, 16 schools will vote each week during the month of February. Then, the second round of voting will take place the first two weeks of March, with half the schools voting one week and the other half the following week. After that, each round will consist of one week. There will be six rounds of voting total to determine the champion, so your school will need to stay involved throughout the process. And a little hint, sharing the weekly voting link on Social Media and encouraging everyone to vote is a great way to rack up the numbers!

Below is the timeline for the voting process:

  • Jan. 26-30: Athletic Directors nominate their schools for Challenge
  • February 2-6: Fans nominate their schools to participate
  • February 9-March 6: Voting for 1st round (16 schools vote each week)
  • March 9-20: Voting for 2nd round (8 schools vote each week)
  • March 23-27: Voting for 3rd round
  • March 30-April 3: Voting for 4th round (quarterfinals)
  • April 6-April 10: Voting for 5th round (semi-finals)
  • April 13-17: Voting for 6th round (finals)

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