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Competitive Equity

Articles and information posted on this page do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the WIAA, it's staff, or member schools. It is simply information that is related to or about the WIAA and the proposed Private School Multiplier.

News Articles on Proposed Private School Multiplier

WIAA Competitive Equity info

Ad-Hoc Committee PowerPoint

PowerPoint download of Ad-Hoc Committee presentation to WIAA Board of Control in December

Ad-Hoc Committee Q&A video

Q&A video with several Ad-Hoc Committee members

Success Factor Impact Data

Application of Success Factor to past seasons

Success Factor Q&A and Scenarios

Commonly asked questions regarding Success Factor implementation

Information of Note on Multiplier

Illinois adjustments to 1.65 Multiplier

After having a blanket 1.65 multiplier for all non-boundaried schools, the Illinois High School Association approved significant changes including a Success Factor, multiplier waivers, and more.

Illinois legislature to consider takeover of IHSA

Many people feel as a partial result of the Illinois non-boundaried multiplier and Success Factor, there is a legislative bill in Illinois that would place the IHSA under the auspices of the Department of Education.

Critical assessment of private school multipliers

Research of private school multiplier, state usage, issues, and conclusions in research by St. Louis University assistant professor John T. James

Roundup of info on Public-Private debate around the country provides news, resources, and information on public-private debates and situations from around the country