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Beyond Advertising

Becoming a part of WSN thru sponsorships and advertising is more than just having an ad seen. It is being a part of something that over 85,000 student-athletes have a vested interest in. It is about being a part of the high school experience, something that stays with teens and adults alike.

Oh yeah, if you're still just interested in getting your ad seen, we can have it seen millions of times.

Positive coverage + customization, targeting & analytic feedback = a marketing homerun is the leader in prep sports coverage in every quantifiable category -- bookmarked over two million times and serving 35 million-plus page views annually -- it's the largest statewide prep sports site in the nation. What does all that traffic mean to the advertiser?  Numerous options from statewide programs built out to include weekly voting, social media plugins, and a brand immersive experience to customized targeting focused on geographic areas, teams or cities, devices used to connect, and even internet connection.

The audience

In short, our core audience is coaches, teens and parents, and their community entourage of fans. A closer look at the top demographic on our site -- the parents -- who are the young athlete's biggest, loudest and proudest fans -- tend to be affluent, college educated, physically active, and established. The "mass affluent" is a sought-after demographic in banking, retail, tourism, health care, and more!

Our secondary demographic is teens. More than half of all high school students participate in high school athletics and nearly all of the student body is involved in either participating or supporting athletic programs either as a part of the school band, student yearbook or newspaper or as part of the friend entourage. The level of fitness and discipline as well as minimum GPA make the athlete engaged in our site content of special relevance to colleges and branches of the military.

What families with teens are doing?

-adding a new driver to the household  -deciding on a next step after high school  -purchasing sports gear, school clothes & everything technology  -upgrading their cell phone plans  -booking off season club sport/elite/AAU travel regularly  -improving their households (basketball dad and soccer mom always have a project)  -- planning financially for retirement 

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