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Wisconsin Dairy Male Athlete of the Month: Jamin Crapp, Lancaster High School

01/19/2024, 8:00am CST

The Wisconsin Dairy Athlete of the Month sponsored by (WSN) in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) aims to connect consumers with Wisconsin’s dedicated dairy farmers and the youth who grow and raise food for their local communities.  

DFW and WSN are recognizing high school student-athletes who are actively involved on a Wisconsin dairy farm and participate in at least one WIAA-sanctioned varsity sport. Dairy is a vital part of the economy in nearly every Wisconsin county, whether urban or rural. Family-owned farms, dairy processors and dairy-related businesses generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity while contributing to local income and tax revenues.

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Jamin Crapp, Lancaster High School

Jamin Crapp
Lancaster High School
Class of 2024
Crapp Family Dairy


Crapp: I participate in wrestling and trap shooting. I am a 2-year captain for wrestling. I have wrestled since I was four.

How do you balance farm, school and athletics?

Crapp: With support from peers and time management.

What hobbies / interests do you have outside of dairy farming? 

Crapp: Hunting and hanging out with friends.

How else are you involved in your local community?

Crapp: I have served as an FFA Officer the past three years and currently am President. I have participated in many fundraisers. I also show pigs at the Grant County Fair.


Tell us more about your farm:

Crapp: Crapp Family Dairy is a 650-acre dairy and beef farm. We currently milk around 150 Holsteins and raise 60 head of calf cow pairs of angus. Along with that, we fatten all steer born on the farm along with raising all replacement heifers.

What is your farm story and how long have you been involved in the operation?

Crapp: Started by my grandparents in 1969. It was then passed down to my father in 2021. My siblings and I enjoyed growing up working on the farm. I work as my dad’s right-hand man.

What is your role on the farm?

Crapp: My work includes chores (scraping manure, milking, calf feeding, and mixing feed). Along with operating equipment in the fields. I also enjoy fixing and maintaining equipment.

Who do you farm with?

Crapp: I work with my Grandpa, Dennis, my dad, Scott, along with our two hired men, Brennin and Jose. We also have a dog, Boomer, who helps with daily operations.

What is your favorite part of being involved with the farm?

Crapp:  Working alongside my Grandpa and Dad and working late to complete tasks.

What is your most proud moments or farm achievements/awards?

Crapp: I qualified for the National Soil Judging contest in Oklahoma two years in a row. My biggest accomplishment was managing the farm while the boss was away on vacation. My biggest award is being employee of the year.

Where does your farm ship its milk?

Crapp: Foremost Farms.

What product is your milk turned into?

Crapp: Cheese.

What sustainability practices do you employ on your farm?

Crapp: We treat our equipment well and clean to help their longevity. When making business decisions, we like to think ahead and keep our future goals in mind.

Additional Information:

Crapp:  Along with working at Crapp Family Dairy, I also work at Rockway Farms for OJT. There I operate equipment and help custom raise cattle.

I am working on my State FFA Degree. After graduation, I plan on going to Southwest Tech for Ag business, and later become an Ag Lender, while still staying present in the Family Farm.

Nominate a high school athlete for the Wisconsin Dairy Athlete of the Month by clicking here.

One athlete will be selected from nominations received each month.  Selected student athletes will be featured on as well as DFW and WSN social media channels. 

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