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Wisconsin Dairy Female Athlete of the Month: Abigail Becker, Auburndale High School

05/24/2024, 9:15am CDT
By Travis Wilson

The Wisconsin Dairy Athlete of the Month sponsored by (WSN) in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) aims to connect consumers with Wisconsin’s dedicated dairy farmers and the youth who grow and raise food for their local communities.  

DFW and WSN are recognizing high school student-athletes who are actively involved on a Wisconsin dairy farm and participate in at least one WIAA-sanctioned varsity sport. Dairy is a vital part of the economy in nearly every Wisconsin county, whether urban or rural. Family-owned farms, dairy processors and dairy-related businesses generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity while contributing to local income and tax revenues.

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Abigail Becker, Auburndale High School

Abigail Becker
Auburndale High School
Class of 2024
Git-R-Done Farm


Becker: I am in track, and throw shot put and discus. I am a team captain of the throwers group.

How do you balance farm, school and athletics?

Becker: School first then athletics. I usually get my schoolwork all done in school. If I do not, I will do it after chores. I do chores morning and night.

What hobbies / interests do you have outside of dairy farming? 

Becker:  I show pigs, hunting, butchering, fishing, and automotive work.

How else are you involved in your local community?

Becker: I am involved in and held officer positions for both Auburndale FFA and Kountry Kids 4-H. I joined Auburndale Jt. Volunteer Fire Department. I am also a part of Auburndale Tractor Club, Yellow Rose Sale Committee, and Auburndale Pumpkin Glow, all raising money benefiting children in need within the community and Toys for Tots. 


What is your farm story and how long have you been involved in the operation?

Becker: My parents have been on the farm for twenty years. We milk two times a day. Both sets of my grandparents live on the same road. We all help each other out in times of need and during fieldwork season. I have been involved on the farm since I was born. Every morning before school I have been going down to the barn to help out with chores along with doing night chores.

What is your role on the farm?

Becker: I feed calves, scrape pens, milk cows, field work, and do a lot of the smaller chores. During the baling season, Mom and I were in charge of getting chores done while my dad and older sister were custom baling. I love to take care of our pigs and chickens. My job when calves are born is dehorning and tagging them.

Who do you farm with?

Becker: My parents own a 82 cow head to head tie stall stanchion. We milk with six boumatic units. We farm about 250 acres. My parents own a registered herd of Holsteins and Jerseys. We also raise all of our youngstock. Everything that is done on the farm is by our family. We do not have any hired help.

What is your favorite part of being involved with the farm?

Becker: My favorite part about being involved on the farm is being around the animals.

What is your most proud moments or farm achievements/awards?

Becker: Helping the vet deliver a caesarean section and the calf was alive.  Our vet also let me help with a displaced abomasum surgery. Last year I, along with my teammates, won the World Dairy Expo Dairy Judging Competition for FFA. We then got to go to Scotland and Ireland for 17 days to compete in Dairy Judging competitions along with going on many farm tours, and a Creamery tour while we were there.

Where does your farm ship its milk?

Becker: Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese Company

What product is your milk turned into?

Becker: Cheese

What sustainability practices do you employ on your farm?

Becker: We do our own AI breeding, rotational cropping with corn, wheat, soybeans, and alfalfa. My parents own a custom baling business with two big square balers.  

Additional Information:

Becker: I will be attending Fox Valley Technical College for Agribusiness Science and Technology- Animal Science.

Nominate a high school athlete for the Wisconsin Dairy Athlete of the Month by clicking here.

One athlete will be selected from nominations received each month.  Selected student athletes will be featured on as well as DFW and WSN social media channels. 

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