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Ngin How To - Updating Box Score & Email to Media

11/30/2012, 1:45pm CST

Coaches - please see the tutorial below to help with updating  your box scores and stats on  

1.  Go to your team's home page and click on the "Game Schedule" link

2.  Once on schedule page, click the "Edit/User" light switch on the top right of the page to go into "Edit Mode".  If you do not see a light switch first check at the top left to make sure you are logged in.  If you are indeed logged in, contact WSN to get appropriate account access.

3.  Once in "Edit Mode" on the schedule page, click on the "Mass Score" link that is in the yellow bar above the schedule.  This takes you to a section that was very similar to the team admin section of the old

4.  Once in the Mass Scoring application, find your game you wish to enter stats for.  Clicking the "Edit Stats" link on the game that you wish to enter stats for expands a stat entry section.  You can either enter points only, newspaper box score or full box score.  As you add stats, they will update automatically without needing to save.  If you see a green arrow in the right hand side of the stat row, that indicates it has been saved.  Please note that you MUST enter the quarter score of your game if you are entering in stats.   

Email box score after entered

If you are a Milwaukee area team, stats entered on automatically go to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for print and online.  Stats are also logged for various WBCA post season awards.  For other media entities, you can use our email box score feature as explained below.

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