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3-Point Challenge required stat entry checkpoints set for December 20, January 20, and end of year

12/11/2019, 8:45am CST
By Travis Wilson

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association will sponsor the 3-Point Challenge as part of the 2020 Boys and Girls State Tournaments in March. Once again, has partnered with the WIAA, and contestants in the Challenge will be chosen based on three-point shooting statistics entered in the stats database.

Please take note of an important but slight change in the submission rules as recommended by the WIAA Coaches Advisory Committee and approved by the WIAA Board of Control last year. Stats will again be based on the information entered into the database. However, there will be several “checkpoints” when coaches will be required to have stats updated in order for a player to be eligible at the end of the season. Those “checkpoints” are December 20th, January 20th, and the end of the regular season (February 24th for girls and March 2nd for boys).

It is extremely important that you have shooting stats for ALL games for players updated prior to each checkpoint date. Most coaches find it easiest to enter stats shortly after games and keep on top of things throughout the year.

Coaches must enter the player information on in order for the players to be eligible. The top two players in each division based on 3-point shooting percentage at the end of the regular season (min. 75 attempts) will be selected to participate. All ten will compete against each other to determine an overall champion. A player whose team qualifies for the State Tournament may not participate in the 3-Point Challenge.

Beginning December 30, a weekly article will be published on with the top ten boys and girls players from each division in 3-point percentage.

Coaches can enter player information directly on throughout the year, with a deadline of 8 am on Mondays to be included in the weekly leaderboard. Coaches must enter shooting stats for ALL games for a player by noon on the Monday of Regional playoff games to be considered for the final 3-Point Challenge. If coaches need information or assistance on entering team or player stats on WSN, they are encouraged to contact (please be sure to include your name, school, & sport you coach).

Quickly & Easily Enter Final Score from your phone after a game

Coaches, one of the biggest challenges we find is trying to track down scores the night of games. Many are posted on social media, sent directly to us, or entered by media partners, but there are still many that are not found until the following day, or perhaps not at all.

We strongly encourage coaches to enter full stats information as soon as possible after each game, but sometimes playing on the road or the time of night make that not feasible. However, we certainly appreciate if you can at least enter your final score as soon as possible after the game.

A quick and easy way to enter your final score is to use the Sports Engine mobile app for iOS and Android devices. In just a couple clicks, you can enter the final score as soon as possible after the game and come back later in the day or the following day to enter the full box score.

For a full tutorial on using the Sports Engine app to enter your team's score into our system with just a couple clicks, please visit our site here.

Stats Entry & Info

Please remember that we provide coach accounts that allow coaches to enter/update roster, schedule, scores, and stats information directly on our site. Numerous college coaches use our site to gather info on players, media outlets use it to develop story ideas, and it is a great outlet for parents, family, and fans.

-- Remember that all WBCA All-State nominations & selections are based on the stats information you enter in our system.

-- Again this season we are partnering with the WIAA, and the participants for their 3-Point Challenge will be based on stats in our database. Help get your teams and players the positive recognition and exposure they deserve.

If you try to log in and are having problems, you can click on “Forgot Your Password?” to receive info on getting a new password.

Here is an outstanding tutorial on how to use the Mass Score system:

Please note, it is very important you enter the half scores for both teams. If you do not, the system reads the blanks as 0's and changes the game scores to 0's.

Also, we're very excited to share news that the popular iScout live scoring app has direct integration into For more information and a How-To on integrating the app to WSN, please visit here:

If you have questions on the stats system or need help with your login information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Make sure to include your name, school, and sport.

Thank you and we look forward to another great season!

Travis Wilson, WSN General Manager
Norbert Durst, WSN Content Manager & Girls Basketball Writer
Mark Miller, WSN Boys Basketball Editor
Colton Wilson, WSN Content Producer

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